Winter Weddings

Winter, the (wedding) season that time forgot…

While most of us would rather snuggle up inside, next to a fire during winter, it could be the ideal time to gather your loved ones to come and celebrate your nuptials.

Winter is often not considered when it comes to the time of year to celebrate ones wedding… it can be cold and wet and the days short and the nights long.  Yet winter has a certain romance about it that the other seasons don’t, which may just make it the most ideal time for your wedding.

Consider the images that arouse with the thoughts of winter; a glass of wine in front of an open fire, sleep-ins, coming together for a meal around the table. Images of love, romance and friendship… all elements akin to a wedding.

Then there’s the scope of availability. With so many people avoiding the winter months for their special day, the options open up for choice of venue, dates and spend. This is a time of year when you can negotiate, get more value for your money and have a much greater choice, because venues, caterers & suppliers are in their “off-season”.

It’s also a time of year when not a lot is going on socially, so what better way to gather family and friends together as one?

Consider also, the importance that photography & food play in everyone’s wedding. With so much to plan and prepare for, it’s not often noted that the lighting is actually better during the winter months. And with many venues having seasonal menus, winter may provide you with the opportunity to have some of those “comfort” foods, or more traditional wedding fare.

Consider Mildura & The Sunraysia

Even taking the above into consideration, there’s sure to be a number of people that are concerned about the weather during winter. Here in the Sunraysia region, winter is moderate and often dry. On average we only receive approximately 60mm of rain (total) between June-August.

As we offer the choice of both inside our restaurant or outside in a marquee with heating! Trentham Estate provides you with the perfect opportunity to have your dream wedding during winter. With a scenic landscape and ideal conditions, we offer something unique and special, just as your wedding should be.

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